Hello! I'm Iulia.

I'm Iulia

My friends call me Giuly usually.

I am a London based photographer, constantly looking for challenges and new styles to discover.

I bought my first camera 6 years ago, after all my childhood I was obsessed to photograph everything around me on my family’s film camera.

I believe in the power of visuals, either directed or not, to tell a story. And that is what I’m focused to do.

To create. To tell stories.

My mission is to help businesses and individuals create and grow their brand, using visual storytelling.

Pictures that tell a message are a powerful tool to engage people to take an action.

Do you ever get the feeling you cannot really express a thought or a sensation, but then you see a picture and it sums up exactly what you were thinking about?

It's about way more than just a pretty picture!

Fashion Photography

Food Photography & Styling

Product Photography

Dior Campaign

Lifestyle & Still Photography

Jewellery & Editorial

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