Hello! I'm Iulia.

Food & Styling Photography

Probably I am the most annoying person to have a meal with as I will need to snap a picture of everything on the table because I love food and I love details and I will arrange the plates and all other accessories to please the aesthetically wierd inside my head. And I am not even sorry…


01 Brands & Restaurants

Wherever I traveled, I took pictures of my food choices in restaurants and I received a positive feedback from the owners, getting me to the point to mix traveling with food shootings.

If you think my style suits your brand needs, contact me to see if I can reach your city. Mostly, I am based in London, but always happy to discover new places.

I can teach you some secrets to continue to take professional pictures for your social media accounts.


02 Personal Project

I developed a passion for cooking in my early twenties and I am always keen to experiment new recipes. Black & moody photography is my specialty and I love to play with light and different props.

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